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How To Get Into FAANG Companies? 10 Tips to Get Placed Into a FAANG Companies4 min read

How To Get Into FAANG Companies?

Getting Placed In a FAANG Company is a Dream of Many, But Have You Ever Thought About How These FAANG Companies Hire Their Candidates or What are the Criteria For Getting Into FAANG Companies? So If You are Also Curious To Know “How To Get Into FAANG Companies?” Then Read the Blog To Know And Get Into FAANG Companies.

What are FAANG Companies?

FAANG Companies Stands For Facebook (Now Meta), Apple, Amazon, Netflix & Google. These are also Big Tech Giants And The Above Mentioned Companies are the Big Five Tech Companies.

How To Get Into FAANG Comapnies?

 And Getting a Job In these Companies Is a Really Big Deal & Quiet Challenging Task. To Get Placed In these Companies It Requires the Right Preparation And Mindset. 

Follow the Steps Which Will Help You To Crack a FAANG Job:


1. Develop a Strong Techincal Skill Set

FAANG Companies Are Also Known for Their Cutting-Edge Technologies And They Want Their Candidate to Be Good at Their Technical Knowledge & Skills. So If You are Thinking of Get Placed In a FAANG Company Then You Must Have a Technical Background & Good at Your Programming Skills & Familiar With New Technologies & Programming Languages.

2. Build a Strong Portfolio

Portfolio is an Also an Important Part of FAANG, Because the Hiring Partner or Recruiters Which Will Interview You, Will First Look at Your Portfolio So You Must Build a Strong Portfolio. Make Sure You Mention Your Projects That Points to Your Technical Skills & Abilities You Have. 

3. Build a Network

To Knock on the Door of any FAANG Company, First You Have to Build a Strong Network With Their Employees Working In Those Companies. To Do So Attend All the Industry Events, Join Online Groups, And Forums, And Connect With Them. 

4. Create a Good Resume

Make Sure That Your Resume Is Also a Great Fit For the Company, The Best Tip to Imppress The Company Is To Build Your Resume According to the Theme Of the Company. For Example, if You are Applying To Amazon Then You can Create a Resume Which Contains the Theme Of Amazon. Highlight Your Skills & Experience You Have That Will Be Beneficial For the Company In the Future. 

5. Prepare For the Interview 

FAANG Companies are Also Known For Their Rigorous Interview Process, So It is Important to Prepare For the Interview Thoroughly. Research About the Company & The Position You Are Applying For And Also Prepare Yourself With All The Answers To The Questions Asked By the Companies. And Also Be Ready to Answer the Questions Related to Your Technical Skills & Abilities. 

6. Be Yourself

FAANG Companies Value Diversity & Individuality, So Don’t Be a Different Personality During the Interview Be What You are In Real. And Demonstrate About Your Passion For the Company And the Industry. 

7. Show Your Interest In the Company’s Goal And Mission

FAANG Companies are Not Only Interested In Your Skills & Abilities You Have As a Candidate. But Also About the Interests Of the Candidate in That Company’s Mission or Goals. Make Sure You Research About the Company’s Goals & Missions They Want to Achieve In the Future. 

8. Learn New Things 

In Order to Work In a FAANG Company Then You Should Be Adaptable to Learn New Things Because FANG Companies are Known For Their Fast-Paced And Dynamic Environments. Show That You are Open to Learn New Things. 

9. Show Persistence

FAANG Companies High Volume of Submissions & Placements, So Don’t Regret If You Are Not Selected, and Don’t Get Demotivated or Lose Hope Continue to Apply for Different Positions And Connection Of Their Employees.

10. Be Honest 

FAANG Companies Value Transparency & Authenticity, So Be Honest With Your Skills & Experience You Have. Don’t Mention Those Terms Which You Don’t Know. Make Sure To Be Loyal & Honest About Work.


In Conclusion, To Get Placed Into a FAANG Company Requires a Combination Of Technical Skills, Years of Experience, A Strong Portfolio, a Good Connection With The Employees Working In That Company, and Lastly Showing Interests In the Company’s Missions & Goals. By Following These There is a High Chance That You Will Get Into a FAANG Company.

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