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Difference Between Machine Learning & Deep Learning3 min read

Difference Between Machine Learning Deep Learning

Machine Learning & Deep Learning Are Two Different Sides Of a Pole, which Means They Both Are Different From Each Other. Machine Learning (ML)  & Deep Learning (DL)  Are Subfields of Artificial Intelligence. (AI)

Difference Between Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence, That is Used to Develop algorithms & Statistical Models that Enable Computers to Learn From Given Data & Make Predictions or Actions Without Being Specifically Programmed. 

In Machine Learning a Computer is Trained On a Large Dataset And Uses Statistical Techniques To Find Patterns in the Data. Based On the Patterns The Program Is Able to Make Predictions or Take Actions on a New & Unseen Data. 

Types of Machine Learning Algorithms:

1. Supervised Learning
2. Unsupervised Learning


3. Semi-Supervised Learning

4. Reinforcement Learning

All the Above Algorithms are Used On Different Types of Data Problems. 

Uses Of Machine Learning

Machine Learning is Used In a Variety Of Applications Such As:

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Computer Vision
  • Recommendation System
  • Fraud Detection

And Many More, Machine Learning is Now One Of The Most Demanding & Growing Field Today With a Lot of Research & Development & Its Applications are Constantly Expanding. 

Deep Learning

Deep Learning is Also a subfield of Machine Learning  (ML) That Uses Deep Neural Networks, Which Are Composed Of Multiple Layers Of Interconnected Nodes. Which Is Used to Perform Complex Tasks Such As Image & Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing (NLP), And Decision Making.

Deep Learning Uses Algorithms That are Similiar To the Structure of Function of Human Brain And Attempt To Work Like a Human Brain And Perform Its Workings With the Help Of Artificial Neural Networks. These Algorithms Learn From a Large Amount of Data Provided. And They Gradually Improve Their Accuracy & Performance Over the Time Through a Process Called Training. The More Data the Network is Trained On the More Better Results You Will Get. 

Deep Learning Is Becoming Popular Because Of The Field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Recent Years, It is Widely Used In Applications Such As

  • Computer Vision 
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Autonomous Vehicles

And Many More, The Continued Advancements & Improvements In Deep Learning Algorithms And Hardware Have Made it Possible To Solve Complex Problems. 

Machine LearningDeep Learning
Machine Learning is a Superset If Deep Learning Deep Learning is a subset of Machine Learning 
Machine Learning is Little Different As Compared to Deep Learning & Its Uses.Deep Learning is an Upgrade of Machine Learning, It is the Deep Of Machine Learning
Machine Learning Consists of Tons of Data. It has Millions of Data
It Can Perform Predictions & Take Actions On the Given Data It Uses Neural Networks to Perform Its Workings
Machine Learning is In High Demand In the Current Times.Deep Learning Is Widely Used to Solve Complex Problems
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