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QR Code Generator In Python

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Hey Python Programmers, Welcome to the Another Post of Python Programming Project, In this Blog Post We Will Be Creating QR Code Generator Using Just a Simple Python Module Called qrcode and I Will tell you the Syntax For it. And How to Install the Module In Your Machine.

We Will Be Referring the All time Python Programmers Favorite PyPi . After Installing It And Writing the Code It Will Just a Create a Image Of the Qr Code In which You Will Be Putting Any Kind of Link or Text You Want And When Anyone will Scan it It Will Show the Output!

Install Python QRCode:

pip install qrcode

Copy the Above And Paste it In Your Terminal & Press “Enter”.

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Python Code

import qrcode
img = qrcode.make('')
type(img)"Python Generated QR.png")

That’s All For this Post See you in the Next One till Then Keep Coding Keep Exploring!


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