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Mind Control for Programmers: Neuralink Seeks New User to Test Brain-Computer Interface3 min read

Mind Control for Programmers Neuralink Seeks New User to Test Brain-Computer Interface

Key Points:

  • Neuralink, a brain implant company founded by Elon Musk, is seeking new users to test their Telepathy cybernetic brain implant that allows users to control devices through their thoughts.
  • This innovative idea has the potential to revolutionize Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) by allowing individuals to seamlessly interact with technology using only their minds.
  • Programmers with a keen interest in HCI or related fields may find this innovative development from Neuralink to be of considerable importance and relevance to their work.

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Short Explanation:

Neuralink, a brain implant company, is in search of a new volunteer to test their new technology, Telepathy cybernetic brain implant. This implant allows users to control devices like phones and computers just by thinking about it. This innovation can be a great savior for those with disabilities, they can apply for this via the official Neuralink website.


Interested ones can navigate to the “Patient Registry” section and select the “Application” option. However, note that not all applicants will be selected, and successful candidates may be considered for current and future clinical trials. For now, the application is available for the residents of the United States and Canada.

“Neuralink is accepting applications for the second participant.

This is our Telepathy cybernetic brain implant that allows you to control your phone and computer just by thinking.

No one better than Noland (@ModdedQuad) himself to tell you about the first!“ Musk announced on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Just a few months ago, Noland Arbaugh, a 29-year-old made history and became the first person to get a brain-computer interface chip from Neuralink. The Texan was left paralyzed after a diving accident eight years back but saw some amazing results after the implant. With the help of the chip, he was able to control a computer cursor with his mind and even play games like Civilization VI and Mario Kart. A dream come true moment for any gamer.

Everything was going great for Arbaugh, with successful brain-computer interface tests. But there were some obstacles in the process, Neuralink revealed that some of the tiny wires placed in his brain area responsible for movement started to come loose over time. This might have been caused because of the air bubbles left over from the surgery.

Noland Arbaugh spoke to Bloomberg about the emotional rollercoaster of losing his newfound mind-control abilities. “The cursor just wouldn’t work right anymore,” he recalled. “At first, I thought it was maybe because they tweaked some settings. But then they hit me with the truth – the wires were coming loose in my brain,” he added, the disappointment clear in his voice.

“It was a tough pill to swallow,” Arbaugh admitted. “I thought I had a good month with it, and then boom, it seemed like it was all over.”

This setback was a major letdown for Arbaugh, who was eager to see further progress. Luckily, Neuralink didn’t just sit on their hands. After noticing a drop in data coming from Arbaugh’s implant, they jumped into action. A recent blog post by the company announced a breakthrough. They managed to fine-tune the software that reads the chip’s signals, leading to a smoother flow of information.

After all these challenges, Arbaugh is back again to using the implant. He’s currently practicing tracing letters on his computer screen, which will help Neuralink’s software learn to recognize whole words, eventually leading to the ultimate goal which is understanding full sentences straight from his mind.

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