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OpenAI Releases ChatGPT 4o: Enhanced Text, Video & Audio Processing3 min read

ChatGPT 4o

Key Points:

  • ChatGPT 4o is an improved version of ChatGPT 4 with advanced features.
  • It is available for free to all users.
  • There is a condition in ChatGPT 4o’s availability for free users.

Short Explanation:

Artificial Intelligence has another new revolution after the launch of OpenAI’s new ChatGPT 4o, which was announced in its Spring Updates event this week. This model is an improved version of its previous ChatGPT 4. OpenAI states that ChatGPT 4o has the ChatGPT 4-level of intelligence but has more enhanced speed and capabilities across text, voice, and vision. OpenAI claims that this version is the next step towards natural human-computer interaction that accepts inputs in any form such as text, audio, image, and video, and generates output in the form of text, audio, and image. Where ChatGPT 4 is only available to paid users whereas, ChatGPT 4o is available to all users for free.

How to Use ChatGPT 4o

ChatGPT 4o is available for free to all users, which means it has both free and paid versions. So to try the free version, you just have to log onto your account at


Note that for some users the account may still open on to the old ChatGPT 3.5 version. But don’t worry about it. If the drop-down menu is not letting you access the ChatGPT 4o, it means the cycle will get updated in a few hours or days for you.

For now, the rollout of ChatGPT 4o is progressing slowly in the browser version, and for the desktop and mobile apps. According to the reports, GPT 4o is not yet available on iOS or Android. The new Mac desktop application is still in development and OpenAI plans to launch the Mac desktop app in the next few weeks. It is expected that a Windows version will be released later in the year.

For users who are able to choose the GPT 4o version, they can notice the changes between the two versions. For example, if you have GPT 4o and are on a free plan then you’ll now able to send files to analyze. These files could be images, videos, or even PDFs. You can then ask any questions about the provided content.

Drawbacks of ChatGPT 4o

OpenAI, at the Spring Update event, showed the voice and vision capabilities of GPT 4o. However, it is not yet available all over the world. According to the reports, these features are only available to the developers through the API.

Another limitation of ChatGPT 4o observed was that the account will be reversed back to the ChatGPT 3.5 version after 10-15 prompts. It means that you can only send a few queries at once. Once you reach the limit, you can no longer access GPT 4o and are reversed back to GPT 3.5 for a few hours until the chatbot resets again and the window for using GPT 4o starts again.

Thoughts of OpenAI’s CTO on the Launch

OpenAI’s chief technology officer (CTO), Mira Murati, mentioned that GPT-4o is twice as fast as the previous and 50 percent cheaper. Users of GPT 4o will essentially have access to the GPT store as well as a million GPTs (including custom ChatGPTs) for free, Murati says, adding that this will allow GPT developers to reach a wider audience.

More Information about ChatGPT 4o

Users of ChatGPT 4 will have the ability to upload screenshots and documents with both text and images, as well as have text-to-text conversations with AI tools. Previously, only paid users were able to use the tool to upload images and documents, while free users were limited to conversing with the chatbot in the form of text.

OpenAI has more than 100 million ChatGPT AI users today.

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