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Tech Stack Used By Google | Google Tech Stack8 min read

Tech Stack Used By Google

We All Know Google Is a Large Company, And It Uses a Complex Technology Stack And a Bunch of Technologies And Tools For Different Purposes. So In this Post, We Will Look at the Tech Stack Used By Google. Here are Some Technologies Used by Google Are:

Operating System

Google Uses a Bunch of Operating Systems Which Include the Following:

  • Linux: It is Mainly Used By Google For Many Of Its Services & Infrastructure Management. Linux is Best Known For Its Stability, Scalability, And Security Which is Great for Handle Large & Distributed Computing Environments Like Google.
  • Chrome OS: Google Also Used Its Own Operating System, ChromeOS For Its Chromebook Laptops. Chrome OS is a Lightweight, Cloud-Based Operating System That is Designed To be Fast & Efficient, Secure, and Easy To Use.
  • Android: Google Uses Android An Open Source Operating System Mostly Used By Smartphones. Android Is the World’s Most Widely Used Mobile Operating System And It is Loved By Millions of Users Around the World And It Also Allows Its Users to Access Google’s Services And Applications.

These Operating Systems are Used By Google to Support Different Parts of Its Business And Provide a Variety of Services to Its Users. By Using These Operating Systems, Google Can Ensure That its Applications And Services are Fast, Reliable, And Accessible To Users On Different Devices & Platforms. 

Web Technologies

  • HTML, CSS & JavaScript: These 3 Languages Are the Base Languages For Building Any Web App or Website. HTML Is the Basic Structure of the Web Page, CSS Is Used For Styling the Web Page And To Make the Page Work They use JavaScript. 
  • Angular: Angular is a JavaScript Framework Used By Google To Create Complex Single-Page Web Applications. It Provides a Structure For Building Web Applications And Makes It Easier To Build And Manage Large Scale Projects.
  • React: React is a JavaScript Library Used By Google To Build User Interfaces For Its Web Applications. It is Highly Efficient And Also Helps To Improve the Performance Of Web Pages And Web Applications.
  • Flutter: Flutter Is a UI Toolkit Used By Google To Build Natively Compiled Applications For Mobile, Web, And Desktop From Single Codebase. It Allows Google To Create High Quality, Visually Appealing Applications For a Range Of Platforms And Devices.
  • AMP: Google Uses Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) To Make the Mobile Web Pages Load Faster. AMP is an Open-Source Project That Provides a Set of Guidelines And Tools For Optimizing the Performance Of Web Pages On Mobile Devices. 
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA): Google Uses Progressive Web Apps (PWA) To Deliver Fast, Reliable, And an Engaging User Experience To Their Users. PWAs are Designed In Such a Way that They Can Work When the User is offline. 

These Web Technologies are Used By Google To Provide Fast, Reliable, And a Good User Experience to Their Users. Through these Range of Web Technologies, Google Ensures Their Web Applications And Services Are Accessible And Usable On a Variety of the Devices & Platforms.


Programming Languages

Google Uses a Variety of Programming Languages to Build Its Software & Applications, Some of the Programming Languages Used By Google Are:

  • Python: Python is One of the Primarily Used Languages By Google. It is Best Known For Its Simplicity And Easy Readability, Which Makes It Easy For Developers To Work With Python. And Python is Also Used For a Bunch Of Tasks Including Server Side Web Development, Scientific Computing, And Machine Learning (ML). 
  • Java: Java Is Another Programming Language Used That Is Widely Used By Google. It Is Best Known For Its Cross-Platform Compatibility, Scalability, And Security Which Makes It Convenient For Developing Large, Complex Applications Using Java. It is Also Used For Server-Side Development, Mobile App Development, And For Developing Desktop Applications. 
  • C++: C++ is a Low-Level Language That is Widely Used By Google For System Programming And High-Performance Computing. It is Used to Develop The Core Components of Many Of Google’s Services And Applications Such As Google’s Search Engine And Its Web Browser.
  • Go: Go is a Language Developed By Google That is Designed to Be Fast, Efficient, And Scalable. Go is Used For Server-Side Development, Network Programming, And Concurrent Programming. 
  • Swift: Swift is a Powerful And Intuitive Programming Language Used By Google For IOS Development. It is Used to Build Applications For Apple Devices And Their Ecosystem Such As iPhones, IPad, etc. 

These Are Some Base Programming Languages Used By Google And the Company May Use Some Different Languages Depending on the Project Requirements. By Using These Languages Google Ensures That Its User Get a Good & Fast User Experience. And Their Applications are Fast, Reliable, And Scalable. 


Google Uses a Variety Of Databases To Store & Manage Their Vast Amount of Data That Google Generates & Processes. Some of the Main Databases Used By Google Are:

  • Bigtable: Bigtable is a Distributed Column-Based Database Management System Developed By Google. It is Used To Store Large Amounts Of Structured Data And Is Optimized For High-Speed Processing of Large Amounts of Data Sets. Bigtable Is Used By Google’s Services, Which Include Google Earth, Google Maps, And Gmail.
  • Spanner: Spanner is a Widely Distributed Relational Database Management System (RDMS). It is Designed To Provide Consistency, Reliability, And Scalability For Large-Scale, Multi-Region Applications. Spanner Is Used By Many Of Google’s Critical Applications Such As Google Adwords And Google Photos.
  • Cloud SQL: Cloud SQL Is a Relational Database Management System Provided By Google Cloud. It Is Designed For Use With Web And Mobile Applications And Supports Popular Relational Databases Like MySQL And PostgreSQL.
  • Cloud Firestore: Cloud Firestore is a NoSQL Document-Based Database Management Service Provided By Google Cloud. It is Designed to Be Mobile & Web Applications Friendly And Provides Real-Time Updates And Offline Access to Data.
  • Cloud Bigtable: Cloud Bigtable is a NoSQL Database Management Service Provided By Google Cloud. It is Based On the Same Technology As Bigtable And Is Optimized For the High-Speed Processing Of Large Amounts of Structured Data.

These are Some of the Main Databases Used By Google, And the Company Uses Other Databases Also, Depending On the Specific Requirements of a Project. By using this Variety Of Databases, Google Ensures That Its Applications & Services Are Able to 

Work Efficialenly And Manage Large Amounts Of Data. That They Can Be Scaled to Meet the Needs of Its Growing User Base. 

Cloud Computing

Google Uses Cloud Computing To Deliver Many of Its Services And Applications To Users Around the World. Some of the Main Cloud Computing Services Used By Google Are:

  • Google Cloud Platform: Cloud Cloud Platform or GCP is a Cloud Computing Platform That Provides a Wide Range Of Products And Services For Creating, Deploying, And Running Applications And Services For Computing, Storage, Networking, And Machine Learning.
  • Google App Engine: Google App Engine is a Platform For Building Scalable Web Applications And Mobile Backends. It Allows Developers To Build And Deploy Applications Without Having To Worry About Managing Infrastructure And Provides Automatic Scaling And Load Balancing. 
  • Google Compute: Google Compute Engine is a Scalable, High-Performance Computing Platform That Provides Virtual Machines For Running Applications & Services. It Provides a Range of Virtual Machines Types, Which Includes General-Purpose, Memory-Optimized, And GPU-Accelaetated Instances. 
  • Google Kubernetes Engine: Google Kubernetes Engine is a Powerful Platform Build For Deploying, Managing, And Scaling Containerized Applications, It Provides a Manageable Environment For Running Containers And Automates Many of the tasks involved in deploying and scaling applications.
  • Google Cloud Storage: Google Cloud Storage is a Scalable, High-Perfomacne Object Storage Services That Can Store And Retrieve the Amount of Data From Anywhere. It Also Provides a Secure And Durable Storage For a Wide Range Of Use Cases Including Analytics, Machine Learning, And a Large Amount of Data. 

These are Some Of the Main Cloud Computing Products And Services Used By Google And the Company to Manage Their Services And Applications, They May Also Use Other Cloud Computing Services According to Their Requirements. By These varieties Of Cloud Computing Services Google Ensures that Their Users Get a Fast, Reliable, And Scalable User Experience. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Google Uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Its Applications & Services To Provide a Smart User Experience To Its Users And Make Them More User Friendly. Some of the Applications Which Use AI Are:

  • Image & Speech Recognition: Google Uses AI To Improve Image Search And Speech Recognition Services. For Example, Google Photos Uses AI To Automatically Identify And Tag Photos Based On People, Places, And Objects Present In The Images. Google Voice Uses AI To Transcribe And Interpret Spoken Words. 
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): Google Uses NLP Or Natural Language Processing In Its Applications & Services. For Example, Google Assitant Uses AI To Understand And Respond to User’s Asked Queries. And Google Translate Also Uses AI To Translate One Language to Another.
  • Predictive Analytics: Google Uses AI To Predict the Analytics in Its Services & Applications. For Example, Google Adwords Uses AI To Predict the Performance of Advertising Campaigns. And Google Analytics Uses AI To Analyze Web Traffic Data And Provide Insights Of User Behavior. 

These are Some of the Applications & Services of Google Which Use AI In It, To Deliver a Smart & Intelligent User Experience to Their Users. 


So In this Blog, We Learned How Google a Big Tech Giant Manages All Its Services & Applications. And Also We Learned About the Technologies Used By Google. And How Does It Works? This Was it For this Blog See You In The Next One Till Then Keep Coding Keep Exploring! 

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