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What is PWA? Progressive Web Applications3 min read

What is PWA? Progressive Web Applications

Hey Programmers, Welcome Back to an Another Post, In This Post, We Will Be Discussing About the Term Called “PWA” or “Progressive Web Applications”. You Might Have Heard This Term Earlier & Thought about What is It, What Does It Do, Or How It Works? So In this Post, I Will Be Answering Your All the Questions Popping Up In Your Mind. So Read the Full Blog In Order to Gain the Complete Knowlege About PWA.

What is PWA? (Progressive Web Applications)

PWA Stands for Progressive Web Applications, They are Web-Based Applications Mainly Using Technologies Like HTML, CSS & JavaScript And Also, They Are Designed In Such a Way that They Can Work When the User is Offline, Work Fast & Efficiently And Provide a Good User Experience On Any Device. 


The Main Key Feature of PWA is That Any User Can Access Them From the Browser Itself, No Need to Download an External Application From Either PlayStore Or App Store And The Fun Part Is You can Also Add the Icon On the Home Screen Which Will Help You to Open It Directly From the Home Screen Itself Without Even Using a Browser. 

As I Told Above, PWAs Are Designed In Such a Way that They Can Be Accessed When the User is Offline Or Have a Poor Internet Connection. This is Done Using a Technolgy Called “Service Workers”.

Service Workers: Service Workers Are the Type of Web Workers That Runs In the Background And Downloads the Data Required to Access That Page. This Basically Works On Cached Content or In Technical Words You can Say It Uses Cookies To Access the Content Even if You are Not Connected to the Internet. And It Also Provides the Best User Experience Even if You are Offline.

PWAs Are Developed To Provide a Fast & Responsive, And Smooth Page Experience While Surfing Through the Page. These Type Of Web Applications Use Technologies Like Lazy Loading & Code Splitting Which Only Downloads The Important Data Required to Use the Application. This Helps PWAs To Be Reduce Load Time, Provide a Smoother User Experience When You are Offline. 

PWAs Provide an Impressive Experience With the Help Of Some Web Components & Web Animations. 

Web Components: Web Components Allows Developers To Create a Reusable Piece Of Code & UI (User Interface) Elements Like Buttons, Forms, Nav, etc That Can Be Easily Implemented into a Web App.

Web Animations: These are Added To a Web App In Order to Boost Up the User Experience & Make Web Apps More Interactive to the User. 

PWAs are Also the Highly Secure Web Applications Because They Use HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) In their Web Apps. Which Encrypts the Data Present Between the Server & Client. Which Ensures User’s Data & Their Personal Information to Be Secure & Not Be Stolen By Hackers. 


At Last, Progressive Web Applications are Web-Based Applications Which Provide User With Fast Loading of Pages, Smooth Experience Even If The User is Offline. And PWAs Can Be Accessed By The Browser Itself Without Installing Any Other Application From PlayStore or App Store. And Also They are Highly Secure Applications That Does Not Allow User’s Data to Be Leaked. 


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