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App Vs Web Development | Which One Is Best?2 min read

App Vs Web Development | Which One Is Best?

Development of Websites & Apps In the Past Few Years Have Taken Mass Growth, So Sometimes You Might Be Confused With Which One You Should Go For Web Development or App Development

Table of Contents:

  • What is App Development?
  • Benefits of App Development
  • What is Web Development?
  • Benefits of Web Development
  • Conclusion

What is App Development?

App Development Refers to Creation Of Android Apps For Mobile Devices By Using Any Programming Language Like Java or Kotlin. In Order to Become an Android Developer You Must Have a Basic Understanding of Objects, Classes, Variables, Loops, In Java And How to Work With Java For Developing Android Apps. 


Benefits of App Development

  • There is Huge Demand For App Developers In Current 2022 And the Salaries Of App Developers Starts From ₹ 3.7 Lakhs to ₹ 13.4 Lakhs.
  • Android Apps Enhances the User Experience & It is Convenient For the User to Use a Mobile App.
  • Android Development is Supported By Google & Also Google Offers Job For Android Developers.
  • App Development Has a Good Number Of Developers Community.

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What is Web Development?

Web Development Refers to Development Of Websites or Web Apps Which Can Be Accessed Online, And Websites are Created By Using HTML, CSS & JavaScript. In Order to Become a Good Web Developer You Must Have a Good Understanding Of HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

Benefits of Web Development

  • Web Development Industry has Also Taken a Great Turn And There is Huge Demand For Web Developers And Average Salaries Of Web Developers Starts From ₹21,558 Thousand – ₹ 23,023 Thousand.
  • Websites are Used Of Billions Of People Everyday & It Also Offers a Pretty Good User Experience & User Interaction.
  • Web Development Offers Quite Good Job Opportunities.
  • There is Also a Large Community of Web Developers.


Web & App Development are Two Different Development Fields And Both of Them Have a Great Developers Community, Offers Good Documentation. So It Depends On You Which One You Go For. 

So this Was It For this Blog See you In the Next One Till Then Keep Coding Keep Exploring!

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