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7 Vs Code Shortcuts To Boost Up Your Productivity2 min read

Vs Code Shortcuts To Boost Up Your Productivity

If You are a Programmer You Might Have Used Vs Code For Writing Your Codes, And Vs Code is Also Many Programmers  Many Programmer’s Favorite Because It Supports Almost all the Programming Languages And is Compatibility With All Operating Systems & Devices.

In This Post I’ll Tell You 7 VS CODE Shortcuts To Boost Your Productivity

1. Command Palette Shortcut

You can Use Vs Code Command Palette For Accessing All the Commands Used In Vs Code. In the Command Palette You Just Have to Enter the Command Name You are Searching For. 


Windows Shortcut: CTRL + SHIFT + P

Mac Shortcut: CMD +  SHIFT + P

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2. Toggle Sidebar Shortcut

It Happens Sometimes When we are Writing a Lengthy Code & the Code Moves Down And We Can’t See the Code Properly, So for That We Use Toggle Sidebar Which Allows Us to Hide/UnHide the Sidebar.

Windows Shortcut: CTRL + B

Mac Shortcut: CMD+ B

3. Quick Open Shortcut

This Shortcut will help you to Open Files Faster Without Going to the Files Manager or Dock, Just you Have to Use the Up and Down Keys to Navigate Through Your  Files & After you Get the File Hit  the Enter Button.

Windows Shortcut: CTRL + P

Mac Shortcut: CMD+ P

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4. Multi-Select Cursor Shortcut

When We Have to Change a Same Keyword In the Code, You can Use the Multi-Select Cursor Shortcut. 

Windows Shortcut:  CTRL + D

Mac Shortcut:  CMD+ D

5. Copy Any Line 

Sometimes It Happens When We Have to Copy the Same Line For Adding In the Another Line Just By Changing the Values, So For that We Use this Shortcut And This is One Of the Best Shortcuts for Programmers. 

Windows Shortcut: SHIFT + ALT + UP or SHIFT +ALT + DOWN

Mac Shortcut:  OPT + SHIFT + UP or OPT + SHIFT+ DOWN

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6. Comment Out Any Line

Normally, We Comment Out Lines In Vs Code By Selecting the Line With the Help of Mouse which is a very Boring & Slow Process Either We can Do the Same With the Help of This Shortcut. 

Windows Shortcut: CTRL + /

Mac Shortcut:   CMD + /

7. Find Something In Code

It Happens When We Write a Long Code With a Bunch of Multiple Lines And It is Difficult to Find Any Particular Keyword In the Code. We can Find It By the Find Option Which Vs Code Provides. 

Windows Shortcut: CTRL + F

Mac Shortcut:   CMD + F

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So this was it For this Blog See you In the Next One Till Then Keep Coding Keep Exploring!

Tanmay Sinha


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