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Can ChatGPT Replace Programmers3 min read

Can ChatGPT Replace Programmers

Hey Programmers, Welcome Back To Another Blogpost, In this Post, We Will Be Discussing About the Trend Taking So Much Hipe In the Market Which is ChatGPT. Can ChatGPT Replace Programmers or Will It Take Programmer’s Job To Know the Answer the Read the Complete Blog Post. 

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT (Here GPT Stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer ) is an Artificial Intelligence Chat Bot That Is Developed By OpenAI In November 2022. The Latest Version of ChatGPT is GPT-3. It allows the User to Get Their Questions & Problems.

What are the Abilities Of ChatGPT?

  1. Answer Questions/Doubts

As Mentioned Above, ChatGPT can Easily Answer Any Answer That a User Asks ChatGPT. As The User Enters His Question ChatGPT Will Tell the Answer Within Few Seconds Which is Quiet Fast Compared To Other AI Based Such Applications. 

  1. Content Creation 

Yes, That’s True ChatGPT Can Even Create Content For You As well. If You Are a YouTuber or Blogger Then ChatGPT Can Write Scripts For You In Any Language You Want. The Preferred Language According to OpenAI is English. ChatGPT Can Work Well With English. ChatGPT Has a Bunch Of Different Content Which Will Help You to Create Content More Efficiently. 


  1. Write Code For You

If You are a Programmer Then You Might Be Knowing that ChatGPT Can Also Write Code For You. This Can Be Also Helpful in Fixing  Bugs Or Errors, If You are Stuck With Your Code And Not able to Fix The Bug or Error Then ChatGPT Can Do it For You. 

And For Those Who Don’t Know How to Code Then ChatGPT Can Also Help Them With That. Just they Have To Enter Their Query And ChatGPT Will Generate the Code For the Given Query Within a Few Seconds. 

As For Example, I Told ChatGPT To Create a Basic Portfolio Website And It Generated the Code For a Portfolio Website And the Best Part Is That Nobody Can Tell It the Website Is Created By the Artificial Intelligence It Looks Like an Actual Developer Has Created the Website. 

  1. Teach You As a Tutor ( Best For Students) 

If You are a Student Then ChatGPT Can Also Be Your Tuition Teacher As Well, ChatGPT Also Holds the Ability To Explain & Solve Doubts Like a Tuition Teacher But Better than a Tuition Teacher Then It Might Snatch Tuition Teachers Jobs Also. Jokes Apart! In short, If you Have Doubts And Want Them To Get Cleared Then ChatGPT Can Help You Out. 

  1. Complete Your Assignments 

ChatGPT Can Also Complete Your Assignments. Yes, It is Possible If You Have Got an Assignment From Your Collage/School Then You Can Tell ChatGPT To Do Your Assignment It Can Also Complete It In an Organized & Presentable Manner As If a Student Has Done It. 

Can ChatGPT Beat Google?

From My Point Of View, ChatGPT In the Current Time Cannot Google Not Because Google is a Billion Dollar Company That Why But Because Still There Some Aspects Which ChatGPT Does Have Like Sometimes You Might Get Errors Or The Answers Given By ChatGPT are Not Correct or Accurate While Google Only Displays Valid And Original Content On Its Search Engines. But There are Some Rumors That When ChatGPT 4 Will Launch Then They Will Fix the Error & Then It Might Become a Hard Competitor. 


So What I Analyzed About ChatGPT is that It is In a Testing Phase Right Now & Then It is So Powerful & In the Coming Days It Might Beat Google But Until unless It is Not Fully Accurate & Correct It cannot Do So. Last But Not Least ChatGPT is a Good Approach In the Coming Era of AI And is Best For professionals Aswell As Students. 

So this Was it For This Blog See You In The Next One Till Then Keep Coding Keep Exploring!

Tanmay Sinha


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