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How to Monetize YouTube Channel Fast3 min read

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In Order, To Monetize Your YouTube Channel Channel Fast. You Need to Complete the YouTube’s Criteria To Get Monetized On YouTube:  

• You need to have 1,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel.


• You Need to Complete 4,000 Hours Of Watch Time To Monetize your YouTube Channel.

• Your Videos Should Not Violate the YouTube Community Guideline Rules & Policies.

• Now, Get Google AdSense Approval To Show Ads On Your Videos & Generate Income.

  Things To Remember, To Monetize Your Channel

1. Join YouTube Partner Program 

The YouTube Partner Programme (YPP) lets qualifying creators tap into different ways to earn revenue, gives access to 1:1 chat and email support, and allows you to use the Copyright Match Tool.

2. Follow YouTube Rules To Monetize Your Channel

Your Videos Should Not Contain the Following, In Order to Monetize Your YouTube Channel:

• Spam, deceptive practices, and scams

• Nudity and sexual content

• Child safety

• Harmful or dangerous content

• Hate speech

• Harassment and cyberbullying

3. Avoid Copyright Strikes or Community Guideline Strikes On Your Videos

To, Avoid Copyright Strikes Don’t Violate the Following Terms:

• Don’t Use Other’s Videos to Get Views.

• Don’t Copy Other Content To Avoid Copyright Issues or Strikes.

• If You Use Some Part of Other’s Videos, In Order to Explain Something. You Can Only Use Other’s Videos For 15 Seconds.

 To, Avoid Community Guideline Strikes Don’t Violate the Following Terms:

•   Strikes Under Spam and deceptive practices

• Fake engagement

• Impersonation

• Spam, deceptive practices, and scams

          Strikes Under Sensitive content:

• Child safety

• Don’t Create Clickbait Thumbnails

• Does Not Any Type Of Nudity and sexual content

• Suicide and self-harm

• Avoid the Use of Vulgar language Or Any Kind Of Verbal Abuse

  Strikes Under Violent or dangerous content:

• Harassment and cyberbullying

• Harmful or dangerous content

• Hate speech

• Violent criminal organizations

• Violent or graphic content

    Strikes Under Regulated goods:

• There Should Be No Firearms

• There Should Be No Sale of illegal or regulated goods or services

    Strikes Under Misinformation:

• Don’t Spread Misinformation Or Wrong Information

• Don’t Spread Misinformation Regarding Elections 

• Don’t Spread Misinformation Regarding COVID-19

4. Follow the Rules Of the YouTube Partner Program To Get Monetized

• Your Videos Should Complete 4,00 Hours  In Last 12  Months Watch Time & 1,000 Subscribers

However, Your Videos Should Not Be: 

• Unlisted Videos

• Videos You Deleted In the Past

• 0 Community Guideline Your Videos

• Not Have Videos Set to Private

• Don’t Have YouTube Shorts On Your Channel, If you Want to Create Shorts To Get More Views, Therefore Create a Separate Channel For Shorts Videos.

5. Don’t Spread Misinformation Or Wrong Information

Don’t Spread Any Misleading Or Wrong Information About any Topic. It Can Also Terminate Your Channel or Delete Your YouTube Channel Permanently.

And Your All Many Hours Of Hard Work For Creating Videos, So You Should Create Your Own Genuine Content Which Does MisGuide Or Mislead.

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