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Coding vs Programming: Understanding the Difference2 min read

Coding vs Programming

Have you ever thought what is the difference between Coding vs Programming? In the world of technology and software development, there are two terms often used in conversation which are “coding” and “programming”. While many people think that programming and coding are the same. But It’s not true these terms have a huge difference that we will be discussing in this article.

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The Basics

Starting with the basics of Coding Vs Programming:

Coding is the process of translating human-readable instructions into a language that a computer can understand. It involves writing specific lines of code to perform a particular task. Think of coding as giving step-by-step directions to a computer, much like writing a recipe.

Programming, on the other hand, is a broader process that encompasses coding, Programming involves the planning, designing, and organizing of code to create a complete software application or system. It’s like being the architect and builder of a house, where coding is one of the construction steps.

The Scope

Coding typically deals with smaller, more specific tasks. It’s about writing code snippets to perform individual functions or solve particular problems. Coders focus on implementing the logic and functionality of a specific feature or component.

On the other hand, Programming involves a more comprehensive approach. Programmers work on the bigger picture, considering how different pieces of code interact and function together to create a cohesive software application. They make high-level decisions about the overall structure and design of the program.

The Skillset

When it comes to coding, you’ll often hear about specific programming languages like Python, JavaScript, or C++. Coders become proficient in one or more of these languages, mastering the syntax and rules required to write efficient code for a particular task.

In Programming, it’s essential to have a broader skillset. Programmers not only need to know how to code but also must excel in problem-solving, architecture design, and system-level thinking. They coordinate different parts of a project, ensuring they work harmoniously to achieve the intended goal.

The Purpose

Coding servers as the building blocks for programming. Coders write the code that makes specific functionalities work. They focus on the basic-to-basic details, ensuring that each piece of the puzzle operates correctly.

Programming, however, goes beyond individual functionalities. Programmers work on the bigger picture, aiming to create a fully functional software product. They manage resources, plan for scalability, and ensure the software meets user requirements.


In Conclusion, Coding is a process of creating individual parts of a program, whereas programming is a process of assembling created individual parts to form a complete robust product or software. Coding is a subset of programming, but programming comprises a broader range of skills and knowledge. In this post, you learned the difference between Coding vs Programming, which will help you to choose the right path for your career.


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