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How to Earn Money From Instagram Pages?2 min read


Are You Also, Searching On Google, That How Can you Make Money Through Instagram Pages. So My Buddy you Have come to the Right Place Because Today, I am Going to Tell You How to Earn Money From Instagram Pages.So Without Wasting Any More Time, Let’s Get Started With Today’s Topic Which Is How to Earn Money From Instagram Pages?

Top 5 Ways To Earn Money From Instagram Pages: 


1. Brand Sponsorships

Do Brand Sponsorships, If you Are Worried That You Have Fewer Followers And You Might Be Thinking That you Will Not Get Sponsorships, But That’s Not the thing, Even you Have Fewer Followers You Can Get Sponsorships From Small Brands And Get Paid For That.The Respected Brand Either DM’s You or Send a Mail Regarding their Sponsorship, You Just have To Post a Story or Post Regarding the Sponsered Product or Sponsored Item.

2. Membership or Fan Content

You can Launch Your Membership, In Which you Will Create Some Special Content For Members Of Your Community. My Suggestion is At the Very Start Keep the Prices Low & Later Increase the Prices For Your Community Membership.

3. Share Licensed Photos or Videos

Create your Own Licensed Photos & Videos And Sell Them For a Decent Price And Get Paid For your Photos And Videos. Share the Sample of the Photo With Your Watermark. Many of the Instagram Pages Promote Their Photos & Videos On their Instagram Pages.

4. Earn From IGTV Ads

Share your Videos On IGTV Run Ads On them And Generate Income, Through IGTV Ads. 

Requirements For IGTV Ads Are: 

• Your Instagram Account Should Have 10,000 Followers

• Videos Should Be at Least 3 Minutes Long

• Your Required a Watchtime Of 30,000 views in the Past Two Months

• And, Finally, Get Qualified For IGTV Ads

5. Promote Affiliate Links

Promote Affiliate Links Of your Products On Your Instagram Post or Story. Get Clicks On them, If any User Order’s the Item From Your Link You Will Get Commission For That. 

Best Affiliate Programs To Join:

• Amazon Affilate Program

• Flipkart Affilate Program

• eBay Partner Network

• Godaddy Affiliates Program

• vCommission

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