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How to Get Approved for Google AdSense For New Blog

How to Get Approved for Google AdSense For New Blog
How to Get Approved for Google AdSense For New Blog

If you are Planning to Start a Blog or Already Have a Blog, And Also Have a Decent Traffic On that Blog and want to Generate a Good Amount Of Revenue Through It. Then Read the Complete Blog Because in this Blog I Will Tell you What are the Do’s, Dont’s, And Is your Website Ready for Google AdSense?, Criteria to Get AdSense Approved, And Other Topics will Be Covered In this Blog So STAY In the Blog to Know And GET YOUR WEBSITE APPROVED!

Contents Of the Blog:

 • Creating a AdSense Account

• Requirements For Google AdSense

 • Do’s To Get AdSense Approved

 • Dont’s to Avoid Google AdSense Rejection

 • Tips to Get Google AdSense Approved

1. Creating a AdSense Account

To Create a AdSense Follow the Given Steps Below or If you Have a Existing AdSense Account Then Sign In To Use Google AdSense.

• Go to Google & Search “Create AdSense Account”

• And Click on the Link

• Sign Up and Create your AdSense Account

• After Signing Up Fill Up your Basic Details Like NameAddressWebsite URLPayment Details & More. 

• Accept Google AdSense Terms & Conditions

• Get Started with Using AdSense

2. Requirements For Google AdSense

Every Ad Network has It’s Own Requirement & Google AdSense Also Have Some of Its 

Requirements For Monetization of Website.

Criteria For Google AdSense: 

• You Should Have your Own Unique & Interesting Content 

• You Should Be 18 Years Old 

• Content Should Be Not Copied From Any Other Website

• Your Website Should Have Content or More Posts at (Least 50+ Posts)

• You Need Not Use a Free Domain like Use a TLD ( Top Level Domain like .com, .in, .net etc).

Now Moving On to Our 3rd Topic Which is: 

3. Do’s To Get AdSense Approved

Things you Should To Get Google AdSense Approved For a New Blog or Website, 

Follow the Aspects to Approve your Website for Google AdSense.

Do’s To Get Google AdSense Approved:

• Create a Quality & Genuine  Content: which Simply means Not Copied From any Other Website on the Web, And Reader who is reading your Blog Should Feel the Blog Interesting And Not Boring.

•  Write Big Articles: Google AdSense also Checks that How much content is There on your Website, You Should Have More Content So that AdSense Don’t Find Any Lack Of Content

• Follow Policies: In Order to Get Approved For Google AdSense, Following Google AdSense Policy plays a Vital Role.

4. Dont’s to Avoid Google AdSense Rejection

Now Heading to the Next & Very Important Topic Which is Dont’s to Avoid Google AdSense Rejection, In Order to Get Google AdSense Approved you Should Not Violate the Following Aspects.

Dont’s to Avoid Google AdSense Rejection:

• Don’t Use a Free Domain: You Should Not use a Free Domain on Your Website, If you Use a Free Domain on Your Website Like etc

• Don’t Violate AdSense Policies: To get your Google AdSense Approved on your Website or Blog, Follow Google AdSense Policies: 

• Don’t Apply If Have Less Content: Don’t Apply for AdSense if you have Less Content on your Website or Blog.

5. Tips to Get Google AdSense Approved

To Get Your AdSense Approved Easily & Fast, Follow the Steps Told in This Section, It is Fully-Tested & Genuine Technique.

5 Tips to Get AdSense Approved:

• Your Content should Be Attractive & Interesting

• Write Creative Blogs

• Follow Google AdSense Policies 

• Get a Top Level Domain

• Make Your Website AdSense Friendly

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