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How to Install & Setup Visual Studio Code3 min read


Well this Topic Seems Like That Is So Easy And a Kid Can Also Do, But Wait If your are a Newbie or Beginner, He or She Might Confuse How to Setup Vs Code For the First Time.
When I was a Beginner I also use to confuse How to Install Vs Code?, How to Set it Up?, How to Configure Python With It?,  How to Write First Hello World! Using Vs Code.

Contents of the Blog:

  • How to Download & Install Visual Studio Code
  • How To Set up Basic Tools for Smooth Coding 
  • How to Configure Vs Code For Python Programming
  • Writing First Hello World Program Using Vs Code

1. Downloading Visual Studio Code

Download Vs Code -
  • Click On the Download Button, Wait Until the Vs Code Setup Downloads.

2. Installing Visual Studio Code


  • After the Vs Code Setup Is Downloaded, DOUBLE-CLICK on the Setup.
Download Vs Code 2
  • Click On the Next Button
Download Vs Code 3
  • Check all the Above Mentioned Terms & Click on the Next Button
Download Vs Code 4
  • Now Finally, Click on the Install Button, And Wait Until It Get’s Install

Now Moving on To The Next Step Which is Customizing Some Tools and Settings for Smooth Coding Experience.

2. Modifying Vs Code For Smooth Coding

  • Go to Settings Panel In Vs Code
Screenshot 1
  • And Search, ZOOM In the Search Bar, After Turning ON This Setting You can Easily Change Font-Size By Just Ctrl + Mouse Wheel
Download Vs Code 5
  • Check the Option

3. Setting Up Vs Code For Python Environment

  • In Order to Set Up Vs Code for Python Programming, First Install Python Extension For Vs Code
  • Search “Python” In the Search Bar
Download Vs Code 6
  • And Install the Extension
  • After It is Installed Create a File Called “

4. Writing First Hello World Program Using Vs Code (Python)

  • Create a Python File with the Extension “.py
  • And Write print (“Hello World”)

This is For Today See you in the Next One!

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