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Git Vs GitHub | Difference Between Git & GitHub2 min read

Git Vs GitHub | Difference Between Git & GitHub

If you’re a Programmer, It is Difficult to Manage Our Important Source Codes. So to Store Our Code And Share It With the World We Use a VCS (Version Control System). Like Git & GitHub. And Most of the People Think That Git & GitHub are the Same.

But, the Fact is These Both are VCS but Different. Infact GitHub Uses Git For Performing the Tasks git init, git clone etc.


Table of Contents:

  • What is a VCS (Version Control System)
  • What is Git
  • What is GitHub
  • Difference Between Git & GitHub

What is VCS (Version Control System)

Version Control System is a Software which Helps a User to Keep a Record of Code Pushed And Update the Changes Made In the Code.

Some Of the Popular VCS (Version Control System):

  • Git
  • GitHub

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What is Git?

Git is a Open-Source Distributed Version Control System Created to So that One can Keep the Track of Shared Files & Further Make Updates Into It. It is Usually Used Among Programmers to Share Their Source Codes Or By Any Organizations.

What is GitHub?

GitHub is a Git Repository Hosting Service Created By Microsoft Corporations In 2008. It is a VCS (Version Control System) same As Git But It Supports GUI Based Working. 

Difference Between Git & GitHub

Git is a SoftwareGitHub is a Service
Git is a Command-Line ToolGitHub is GUI Based
Git Requires a Install to RunGitHub is Hosted On The Web
Git is Maintained by a Linux SystemGitHub is Maintained By Microsoft Corporations
Git is a VCS & It Focuses On Code SharingGitHub’s Main Focus is On Code Sharing

So this Was It For this Blog, See you In the Next One Till Then Keep Coding Keep Exploring!

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