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Reasons You Should Learn React3 min read

Reasons You Should Learn React

If you are a Developer, then you Might Be Heard About React or React Js.And If you Want to Known the The Pros of React Js In Short Then you can visit this Post: and Get Information about Reasons to Learn React.

First of All If you Don’t Know What React Is? Then Let’s First Move On to The First Topic of This Blog Post Which Is.

What is React?

If you Don’t Know What Actually React Is? Then In Simple Words, React is a Open-Source ( which means you can contribute into it ) Frontend JavaScript Library For Building Awesome UI Components & Websites.


Basic Questions Asked In React JS InterviewWhat are the features of React?

1. What are the features of React?

Ans.  Features of React are JSX, Components, 

One-way Data Binding, Virtual DOM, Performance, Simplicity etc.

2. What is JSX?

Ans. JSX is a React extension to the JavaScript language

3. Can web browsers read JSX directly?

Ans. Browsers can’t read JSX because there is no inherent implementation for the browser engines to read and understand them.

4. What is the virtual DOM?

Ans.  A virtual DOM is a lightweight JavaScript representation of the Document Object Model used in declarative web frameworks such as React, Vue.js, and Elm. Updating the virtual DOM is comparatively faster than updating the actual DOM.

5. How do you create a React app?

Ans. Creating a React App:

  • Type “npx create-react-app my-app”
  • cd my-app
  • npm start
  • Congrats! You Have Successfully Created your First React App.

6. What is an event in React?

Ans.  An event is an action that could be triggered as a result of the user action or system generated event. For example, a mouse click, loading of a web page

Reasons To Learn React

So If your are Also Excited to Known the Reasons Why should you Learn React Then, I Will Tell you 5 Reasons Why you Should Learn React Js.

5 Reasons To Learn React

1. React is Declarative

React is Declarative Simply Means If you are going to build a App or Website, it will be More Easy to Build it On React Because React Is Faster, Easy to Learn If you Already Know JavaScript. And Less Chances to Get a Error In Your Code.

2.  React is SEO-Friendly

Well as the Line Suggests React is SEO-Friendly Which Simply Points to That Note That React Is Best For SEO Purposes And Helps you Rank Faster, And Deliver Your Content to Google to Crawl Faster.

3. The React Community is Amazing

React Community is Amazing Refers to That React has a Huge Community Of Developers Working On it And Contributing Into It.

And React Also Has It Own GitHub Profile And you Use it To Refer That And Build Awesome Web Applications & Websites.

4. React Is Used By Popular Companies

React is Also Used By Popular Companies Like Facebook, Netflix, And Other Companies.

5. React Is Likely Based on JavaScript

React is Uses Most of the Things of JavaScript, And Hence If you Don’t Know JavaScript Then you Should First Learn JavaScript Then Go For React Development.

This is For Today See You In the Next One,Till Then Keep Coding Keep Exploring!

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