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Home » Getting Started With ReactJS | ReactJS Tutorial #1

Getting Started With ReactJS | ReactJS Tutorial #1

Getting Started With ReactJS | ReactJS Tutorial #1

Hey Programmers, In this Post We Will Starting With ReactJS. We Will Learn All About ReactJS Like What React is, the Benefits Of React, React DOM, JSX, React Components, And Many More. But Before Proceeding With These Terms In the Further Parts We Will First Install & Setup up ReactJS For Development.

Create a New React App

To Start With React We Need to Create Our First React, To Create a New React App Follow the Steps:

Step 1: Create New App Using NPX (Node Package Execute)

npx create-react-app my_app

Once the Your React App is Installed Copy the Following Command In the Terminal

cd my_app

Start React App

npm start

Once You Hit the npm start Command Your App Will be Run at http://localhost:3000/ Server


image 1


From this We Started With React And Created Our First React App. In the Further Part We will Work With the Terms Discussed Above. So this Was It For This Blog See You In the Next One Till Then Keep Coding Keep Exploring!

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