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How to Create Emoji-Picker React JS | React JS Projects2 min read


Hey React Developers, In this Post we will be Creating a Emoji-Picker Using React JS, This is a Good For React Beginner to Practise & Master React JS. So Let’s Start With our Today’s Emoji-Picker Project But, Before Moving On If you Have Not Accessed React JS Interview Questions (with SOLUTION) Check it Out.

Create a New React App

npx create-react-app emoji-picker

Module Installation

Install the Emoji Picker React Module:


npm i emoji-picker-react

Folder Structure of the App

image 4

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In the Folder go to App.js File & Copy-Paste the Following Code, Make Sure You Have Installed the React Module Mentioned Above.

import React from 'react'
import Emoji from './components/Emoji'

  function App() {
    return (

export default App;   

Now the Next Step is After you have Added the Code, Then as you can see we have imported Emoji From a Component Which we have created. So Make Sure to Make a Folder Called Components>>Emoji.js And Paste the Following Code:

import React, { useState } from 'react';
import Picker from 'emoji-picker-react';

export default function Emoji(){
const [chosenEmoji, setChosenEmoji] = useState(null);

const onEmojiClick = (event, emojiObject) => {

return (
	<h3>Emoji Picker</h3>
	{chosenEmoji ? (
		<span>Your Emoji: {chosenEmoji.emoji}</span>
	) : (
		<span>No Emoji</span>
	<Picker onEmojiClick={onEmojiClick} />

So Here is How Our Emoji Picker App will be Looking Like This:

image 5

So this was it for this Blog See you In the Next One Till then Keep Coding Keep Exploring!

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