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The 2022 Rewind | What We Did In 20223 min read

The 2022 Rewind | What We Did In 2022

Hey Programmers, This is Going to be the Last Post of This Year So This is Post Is Not Going to Be a Tutorial or a Project, In this Blog Post We Will See The Rewind of 2022 and What We Did This Year. So Let’s Start Without Anymore Delay:

1. Beginning Of Mr Programmer

Talking About This Year Mr Programmer’s Official Website was Not Yet Established Until 29 April 2022. We Finally Launched Our Website Named On Which You are Reading this Blog. 

Then We Posted Our First Ever Post Which Was Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2022, And We Got Literally 5-6 Views On that Post We Felt Little Demotivated But We Kept Working On Our Website & Building More Better Day-by-Day. 


2. How we Launched Tutorials On Our Site

As We were Writing Our Blogs & Slowly-Slowly It Started Gaining a Decent Reach, And Then We Decided to Introduce Tutorials For Our Readers, And We Started the Python Tutorial Series Which Gained a Good Response From Our Lovely Audience. 

3. Digital Products On Mr Programmer 

After Few Months Of Our Tutorials, We Decided To Create Our Own Digital Products In Which We Sold Source Codes Of Our Projects Which We Created. 

4. Renovation Of Our Website 

As We Were Going In a Steady Way And In Order to Enhance User Experience of Our Site We Added Some NEW Things & Also Removed Some Things. And We Added Added a Awesome Landing Page to our site.

5. Resources For Programmers On Mr Programmer 

After the Renovation Of Our Website Finished, Then We Thought to Add Some Resources To Our Site Which Might Help Programmers to Increase Their Coding Experience. As For Example, We Introduced Our Own Inbuilt IDE In our Website For Python, Java & C Through Which They Can Run Their Code On Our Website Itself.

6. We Introduced Our Own Merch

Those Who are Following Mr Programmer From Start They Might Be Knowing that we Introduced Mr Programmer’s Merchandise. (T-Shirts, Caps, Hoodies) In the Mid  November. 

7. Contribution To Mr Programmer 

This is Not a Money Contribution or Any Stuff Like That. We Allowed Our Readers To Contribute Articles & Videos Which Will Be Later Posted On Our Site With the Respective Contributor. 

8. Our Ebook

This Year As a Founder Of Mr Programmer I Thought to Launch Something New & Special So I Wrote a Book Called “Ai The Future Era” which is Now Available On Our Website & Listed On Amazon, Ranking On the First Position. 

9. Official App Of Mr Programmer 

Like our Website, Mr Programmer Also Owns an Official App In which Users Get the Updates Related to Our Posts, Videos, New Tutorials, etc. Our App Uses the API of Our Website to Fetch the Data. 

Last, But Not The Least, A Very Happy New Year to All the Mr Programmer Audience.

Wishing You a Delightful Happy New Year from Team Mr Programmer. So this was It For this Post See You Next Year till Then Keep Coding Keep Exploring!

Tanmay Sinha


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